Ukraine War 🇺🇦

Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Nations, Sergiy Kyslytsya, has read aloud a text message exchange between a Russian solider in Ukraine and his mother before he was killed. When the mother purportedly asks her son if he is still in the Crimea on training exercises he tells her: “Mama, I’m in Ukraine. There is a real […]

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Why have not been able to hike

Still going on smaller hikes just taken a week off researching and finding evidence of a family of Sasquatch maybe some bigfoots with baby’s and perhaps even a teen 6ft Bigfoot with family the sizes are 7.5 feet tall father of the family the baby size of a 13 or 14 year old human, mother […]

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Ukraine War

Peace sales But who’s buying at what price the price for flights Spending a 1/2 a million dollars destroying civilian buildings gotta hand it to the Russians really intelligent…. Russians Crimes against humanity Killing innocent women women men children doesn’t matter Wake up call to the world…

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Brother war is hell

Brothers and sisters we are from the same family 👪 I feel saddened and now lets see how 🤔 this can trun on Russia a thorn in Russians side this is family fight its a trap… This is Absolutely mad I feel Putin has stepped over the line… the Cat being the NATO and the […]

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Watch “Russian President Putin Announces Military Operation in Ukraine I ABC News Prime” on YouTube

Emergency Mass Attack People disregard life in war Without caring about Civilian targets This is a sad sad day my friends… The darkest days are upon us my friend do not be scared do not lead yourself into Is temptations then to temptation for the evils will gasp you… Sooner or later God will cut […]

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Why am I

Imagine you are a new born and everyday you wake-up brand new that’s not it, Yourself as you’re look in the mirror at yourself who is this person who is looking back at me‽ You Wave as the opposite side waves back at you As You began to wonder how you really came to be […]

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