National parks and state parks are being overrun

Tourists pose for a selfie along the south rim at Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz., in August 2015. The throngs of tourists have been showing up in big numbers at other national parks, including Yellowstone in Wyoming, Yosemite in California and Zion in Utah, driven by good weather and cheap gas. (Emery Cowan / AP)

More and more people are Going on trips and bucket list Exploring the outdoors Going to national parks And staying in their cars and not going out to do the trail or to Or to do with experiences the great outdoors they tend to stay in their car and start and do their cookouts and they’re tailgating in the parking lots, This is unacceptable When you go to a National Park you go and pay your way in you are not to stay in your car you are to be a part of nature and go through the tour and Be guided down your Trail… As pandemic weary Americans head for the most popular parks this summer, nearby towns are getting overrun But visitors are increasingly spending more time sitting in their cars as they wait to access the vast outdoors. Tourists are loving nature to death… More about this article in the link below… National parks are closing their gates As will state parks…

Glacier National Park

The Effects

Overcrowding poses its own issues. “Crowded trails can result in visitors going off a designated trail where consequences can include slips and falls on unstable terrain, encountering wildlife and poisonous plants and increased likelihood of getting lost and requiring rescue,” says Olson A Official.Jun 25, 2020

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