China kills Holiday season 😢

Shipping nightmare is China plan crisis… They lie and cheat and steal their technology is just as corrupt as their products We all know that China makes throw away next-gen technology as usa built strong real story behind this conspiracy theorie is China planning more Disasters we are being overrun By China CPP New world agendas now no Holiday gifts no toys no cheap Drones that are a total ripoff of usa technology shipping is at a snail’s crawl the shopping market not even here out looking for employees the sea is full of waiting ships shipping and its a messy process slow and timely as well as no one wants to do their job its all flipped over up sidedown world we live in dreams are crushed hope is lost in the Moment Sliding down to nothing all is lost for Holiday season and its going to be rough one this time again and again no power no clean water and foods I am seeing shelves bear with no food and gas costs 6 dollars a gallon soon people follow up with the world no one want to see any change but its all around you till we can see what we had Destroying all ecosystems… Polluting atmosphere Dumping trash in the sea and the world used the Earth as its toilet the water is dirty and gone we a doomed water the last of our planet We are Dooming ourselves To live together and we can’t even begin to imagine how much we want together but i know better than that time again and again never care for what they do its like they are wrongful used usa as they Escape goat…

There are many factors contributing to the shipping squeeze, including shortages of labour, ships and containers, and they are all increasing costs up and down the supply chain. … For example, up to 60 container ships per day are waiting to be unloaded at the Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex in California.

containers in shanghai sea port
Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex in California.

For the loaded containers that are sent inland, congestion on rail networks and a shortage of truck chassis, drivers and warehouse workers has led to big backups at cargo facilities as companies struggle to unpack the boxes and get them back into circulation.

Is shipping containers in the sea
Amateur captain mistake

A recent shortage of these containers is raising costs and snarling supply chains of thousands of products across the world. The situation highlights the importance of the simple yet essential cargo containers that, from a distance, resemble Lego blocks floating on the sea.

Lack of workers is further fueling supply chain woes…

A record number of cargo container ships wait to unload due to the jammed ports…

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