‘The Munsters’ Star Butch Patrick Compares Show to ‘Leave It to Beaver’

(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

“The Munsters” is one of the most beloved family shows of the mid-60s. “Leave it to Beaver” is the most beloved family show of the late 50s. Although the families couldn’t have been more different, the two shows had more in common than most think at first.

In a recent interview, “The Munsters” star Butch Patrick, who played young werewolf Eddie Munster, spoke about the comparisons between “The Munsters” and “Leave it to Beaver.”

When asked why people resonated with such a bizarre family, Patrick replied, “For starters, we had good talent. We also had good scripts. But people were also very entertained.” More about this article in the link below…


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