Warning Don’t poke the Panda


Is world domination…

Let’s Imagine the worst nightmare that the United States could ever have and now lets make that 10 times worse…. This is the new order of CHINA CPP NEW WORLD agendas the richest nation in the world sweeping the virus Under the world’s rug killing Billions with there poison Bringing the world to its knees Is destroying any chance or evidence Of this foul play, Is now threatening the world with a glimpse into a glimpse into Armageddon Is drawing dreams hopes and is hopes and reality for millions maybe billions, Maybe the amount of people could Be in the trillions… China is well known for being the biggest military force is military force in the world the world as we know it The United States is not able to get supplies or is supplies or tactical defense forces is defenseless all over no way to get military anywhere anytime soon… Let’s just take half the United States split it in half divide that into 4th and and then divide that into 8th that’s the amount that is now in the military We are out man, out money We are the underclass nation The United States has had the chance to wake up Call It is time to take action against China unspeakable and UN 2 nuclear powers This will be the Armageddon the Bible speaks of… Totally unthinkable Nuclear destruction total annihilation… My Friend’s brothers and sisters warning the world The Communist are coming… This is seriously unimaginable but it could happen…

Ask everybody to remember what happened in Hong-Kong It’s horrible to think what the communists do to those people…

Taiwan is on their agenda and it is next…

China CPP will bash the heads in of anybody that tries to stand in their way to get Taiwan…

China CPP New world agendas in China’s Taiwan

Armageddon Armageddon Armageddon Armageddon Armageddon Armageddon Armageddon Armageddon Armageddon

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