The Colors purple


On The Darkness thistle is on the lights deeply purple and cuped in nature

Now purple has a the voice you heard just then it’s that thistles glimpses in the darkness

Now laid back down to the ground thoughts of purple thistle the color of purple deepest color of the color Is A secondary color this is realistic

Falling backwards in nature taking A deep breath as you lay near a tree on the ground thoughts of purple thistle in the lights there is over 29 shades of purple thistle go’s with mostly white with shades of purple mostly on the glimmer of light hitting the purple thistle

Falling frozen purple thistle deeply into the night feeling of purple thistle in a sleep state Getting further into a numbing of your body mind now purple still going fast-paced running

Just then it was purple thistle leaves with sharp points and purple flowers

In A deep Sleep

Poetry copyrighted ©️

by Ben

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