Hiking with friends and dogs in nature

Hello and welcome back to nature Spiritually inlighten your life hiking with dogs in nature Today was great hikeing weather was 70 with low winds 4 to 6 miles per hour perfect hiking with friends and family and Brutus Sonny jack took the day off today… Blessings be on your wellbeing and HappyNess hiking with dogs in nature We hiked 3.5 at the Bob Jones Bluesteam trail Southlake, Texas Nature Preserve didn’t find much wildlife but we seen a lot of birds some small water animals such as Ducks and other water fowl lakeside beautiful beaches rocky beautiful Cliffside great hike with friends and family Hope your Day was great Today, Please take the time to consider sponsoring my journeys through nature with a small gift whatever you can afford nature thanks you, please help nature out give me your thoughts and advice in comments down below…

Quotes for the weekend

I don’t know what the Question is but hiking is the answer. – Ben
It’s in nature nothing is perfect but in nature everything is perfect. – Ben

Well it’s that time again Happy trails to you till we meet again Happy trails 👣

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