‘Shameless’: The Reason the Show Is Ending and the ‘Real Shame’ of Shooting the Final Season

After a decade on the air, Shameless wraps up its run in 2021. Over the years, fans have grown accustomed to these characters, and many are sad to see them say goodbye. So what led to the popular TV series‘ conclusion? Learn more about that and the final season here.

‘Shameless’ returns with its 11th and final season

The hit Showtime drama premiered in 2011. It follows the Gallaghers, a family living in Chicago’s South Side. Patriarch Frank is typically absent, and his wife, Monica, took off years ago, so their daughter, Fiona, runs the household. Following her are Phillip (Lip), Ian, Debby, Carl, and the youngest, Liam.

Along with their neighbors, Kevin (Kev) and Veronica (V), the family works to keep afloat in a changing neighborhood. The hold down odd jobs, bail one another out, and face trials from drug overdoses to teenage pregnancy. But even when they’re mad, they’ve always got each other.

Sorry shameless is overdue for last call

This new season is shameful didn’t injoy this show this has gone wrong lost cause do to the covid-19 story line lost not happy with the new Episode’s link below…

COVID-19 affected ‘Shameless’ on screen and off


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