The Beatles song that “nearly killed” John Lennon

credit Far out man

Credit: Alamy

It is widely known that during their creative pomp, The Beatles put their heart and souls into everything that they made. For years, the band didn’t take a single step back from their jet-set lifestyle, a working routine that nearly broke them both professionally and, famously, personally. However, even in the studio, they didn’t stop until they had sweated profusely over a track until they physically couldn’t work anymore. Yet, even then, they weren’t always happy with the final output.

The Fab Four were perfectionists of the highest order, but none more so than John Lennon. His work with The Beatles is rightly revered as being some of the most noteworthy pieces of pop magic ever made but, the truth is, Lennon wasn’t very impressed with a reasonable number of them. “I feel I could make every fucking one of them better,” remarked Lennon during his notorious interview with David Sheff… More about this article in the link below…

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